As far as showing Thomas’s mindset thus far- I’d like to see it too BUT HOW? It would literally just be shots of him brooding. He’s certainly not ready to open up to anyone but maybe he will in the next ep. And if he’s not talking to anyone right now, what do you want? A soliloquy? Voice-over? I’m honestly confused. There’s other stuff I would like to have seen-mainly him going to Choose Your Own Path but idk how you show what a character’s thinking and feeling in this format when they don’t want to talk to anyone.

Alas poor Jimmy, I knew him well…

I agree. It’s always difficult to show characters’ deepest thoughts, and it’s even more difficult with someone like Thomas- not only he doesn’t have anyone to talk to (not anymore), but he also lives in a time period when people wasn’t used to talk about their feelings- moreover, he has to hide those emotions, so he really can’t rely on anyone on this matter. This is why I think it would have been so important to see him at Choose Your Own Path because that would have been the only chance to see him open up a bit- maybe with the “doctor” or another patient. Now I think that the only chance to understand why he did what he did will be in the next episodes, when he crumbles and tells someone the truth…or so I hope

There are soooo many ways. :)

Show Thomas in his room after Jimmy got his notice. Show him desperately trying to save Jimmy’s job. Show him in his room distressed or sad or even crying after Jimmy left. Show him sitting alone in the servants hall in the evenings with everyone ignoring him, no one to play cards with and talk with. Show him standing outside alone, smoking. Show him witnessing some affection between Anna and Bates and show the reaction on his face. That’s what fine actors like Rob are for, right? They can tell you what is going on inside of that character without talking about it. Show Thomas looking through the London magazine and over that article. Show him again in his room, reading the acticle and looking determined or sad and crying. Show him with the therapist, throw in a few bits from their conversation. This could be done without giving everything away or the talk bits could have been integrated as flash backs. Show him during the treatment, show him in his room all miserable and in pain, looking at the article again, determined to go on.

There are so many ways Thomas’ feelings and motivations could have been conveyed without much more than a few words and in combination with the snippets we got so far this would have been powerful, clear and wouldn’t have left much room for misunderstaning or not noticing his storyline. Yes, Fellowes’ writing is talk-oriented but it also seems to be his weakness. Movie and telly has no need to be an audio book. They have a fantastic cast, they have people who know how to shoot a film so there is really no excuse to not make full use of the different languages things can be said in in moving pictures.

Exactly. And as an actor who can convey so much emotion just with his eyes/facial expression Rob would thrive on those opportunities. Fellowes definitely doesn’t have much of a knack for “show not tell” his way of writing is more theatrical (where you need dialogue way more due to lack of the dramatic elements that film provides). Still we had a few silent scenes in the past (even though no many) that worked well: Thomas sitting in the servants’ hall and in his room before the sleep kiss, Thomas before he decides to get his blighty. Those scenes were all intense and a little more silent storytelling would do the whole series good anyways.



That article gave me traumatic flashbacks to the days when I actually bothered with the Downton IMDb boards. So. Much. Mary Crawley hate. Such assholes.

The amount of invective that reviewer has to spew about one of the show’s most complicated characters makes me want to not agree with anything he says, even “not enough Thomas screentime,” which I obviously do agree with. Still, I’m not about the feed JF to the wolves over that.

The author of said article really discredited himself.

Obviously suffering from extremely painful chronic constipation.

Just down low.

The mentioned Mary bits (harlot, sex addict) were quite misogynist bullshit and the comments about Richard E. Grant completely out of line. To attack an actor in such a way and not just the part he played is beneath contempt.

But what was to be expected of that piece of loo roll that is the Daily Mail :D


Anonymous asked:

*slaps myself in the face* I should of never gotten excited about a meaty storyline/screen time for RJC this year! - I think time-wise this is no different to s4. I should just accept and enjoy the little, but wonderful morsels we get from RJC and try not to get upset.

leelajoy716 answered:

I know how you feel, anon. I’m trying not to be too negative, but it makes me so sad to see such a dramatic and heartbreaking storyline, not to mention Rob’s talent, shunted off to the sidelines. I’m holding out hope for a good chunk of screen time in e6 at least.

I’m beginning to wonder if Fellowes is realising that he’s just more comfortable writing for upstairs characters than downstairs ones. I mean, not that he hasn’t given the most of the downstairs folks good dialogue and plots in past seasons and in this one, but he seems to be falling into a pattern of favouring upstairs in terms of attention and screen time since s4.

Seriously I’d so LOVE to know what is going on behind the scenes as far as “market research/supposed market interests” goes. And who has how much say in what.

Often when something gets enormously popular this takes away spontaneity and a certain carefree approach so important to create something original.

The worse thing for a creative project is: people who only have an eye for economics taking over creative decisions.

I have worked the entertainment media and believe me, the intense greed for ever higher ratings is everywhere and I would be surprised if those having a chance to make a huge chunk of money with Downton were not up to get as much out of it as possible.

But, of course if one tries to please the largest possible audience (and also culturally different audiences like eg. China) this ultimately tends to produce nothing but brain squeezing mediocrity.

I feel like this is one of those examples where too much success completely backfired.



With five of the eight episodes over, creator/writer Julian Fellowes has wasted its most gripping storylines in favour of featuring minor characters with material that has been thin
None of the sub-plots covered by Fellowes’ scattergun approach has worked.

Trying to generate any sympathy for Thomas Barrow, who has always been the brilliant villain of the piece, first through the ‘tragic’ departure of his ‘friend’ James, and now his unhappy habit of self-medicating and shooting up, was a cop-out, especially as Barrow is still (occasionally) hounding Anna and Bates.

‘Why do you pester her like this?’ Bates demanded.

‘Cos I feel like it,’ Barrow spat.

‘Barrow, are you quite well?’ the Dowager asked, as he served dinner, sweating profusely, swaying, with his red rat eyes and junkie pallor making him look like the ghost of Thomas rather than the real thing.
Yes, that pretty much sums it up. No one has the slightest clue what is going on inside Thomas’ mind and heart, no one gets that he is so desperate for love he’s killing himself with quack medication, no one even gets what he’s doing it for, no one gets that he is lashing out because he’s so unhappy and has probably been since his childhood. And how would they with a couple of seconds thrown in per epsiode? Ugh, please someone produce a spin-off and have someone else write it. Or do a mini series with episodes in movie-length following the servants after DA ends.
I don’t know if Fellowes really intended the 33 minutes/13 minutes upstairs/downstairs ratio this season and if he wanted the interesting plots turned into tiny sub-plots and the boring repetitive upstairs stuff to take the main stage but I can’t see the production team just doing their own thing. Quite the opposite, this smells of subborn star-writer and people who dare not touch his words because they have too much respect for his writing.
Anyway, so far they totally screwed up with Thomas’ storyline. It’s not working and it’s really an insult to Thomas, to a super-relevant topic like gay conversion/aversion therapy and the life many men like Thomas faced back then and to Rob himself who lost sleep over playing this and desperately tries to show people how hurt and vulnerable Thomas really is inside.
They might be able to rescure this debacle somewhat if they concentrate on Thomas’ storyline in the next episode. I’m talking at least 10 minutes screen time here. At least! Notice how I don’t even say episodes. Because pfff, I’ve given up hope. One episode is probably the best we can hope for.


The review though even if it has its valid points is vile to an unnecessary degree. And sometimes outright discriminating and stupid - since when has Lady Mary been troubled by “sex addiction”? Ridiculous.

Cause I feel like it

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And that’s why I love you baby <3

..still, I can’t get why you feel like it now

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Because now he’s all alone and he’s lost all his dreams and hopes ?…

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Because he has reached a state of desperation that finds expression in hating everything, everyone and himself as a result of not getting loved back properly ever.