lizzy384 asked:

Would you rather Jimmy walk in on: you and Branson going at it in one of his cars in the Downton garage - or you tied to the bed, while the Duke gives you a blow job in his room while he's staying at Downton?

Option two.


- Bed more comfortable than car

- Duke surely WAY more experienced than Branson and VERY good at giving head

- myself being tied to bed

        -> opportunity to call out to Jimmy for help (“Jimmy, Jimmy, help me break free from these chains”), so he would not run away in shock but step closer instead.
        -> he’d try to be my hero by wrestling the Duke. He would lose, I’m afraid, but it would be great fun to watch
        -> he would see me up close in all my irresistible, masculine beauty, bound to a bed.
        -> he’d be utterly taken by the sight, unable to fight his sexual and romantic predispositions any longer
        -> he’d do unspeakably nice things to me

While Philip would have to watch from a (slight) distance, frothing with jealousy.

So yes, definitely option two.

Anonymous asked:

If Jimmy told you he was trying to give up smoking, would you try to quit too to support him? What if quitting meant you had a chance to be with him?

Even though I’m very fond of smoking for various reasons (esp. because it makes me look cool even when I am secretly nervous) I’d give it up in a heartbeat if that meant I could be with Jimmy.

Could I start again if he decides to start again, though?

(I’m sure I’d succeed in tempting him to do so.)


Anonymous asked:

Have you ever had a threesome?

causeimdifferent answered:

Not just ‘a’.

The time with Philip during that one particular London Season was,
quite frankly, very modern and very interesting.

I gained experience in several respects and didn’t get much sleep.

Hello. Um, thank you.

Details … all this incessant Duke talk, this going back to places in the past that were immensely pleasurable to me … really is a double-edged sword.

Meaning those memories are arousing to a point that they are frustrating. My palms and arm muscles are getting sore and damn, I am close to REALLY wishing Philip would reappear on the scene. Just to get some relief!

So let me just hint at the details of one event, otherwise I won’t get any sleep tonight and will have troubles carrying anything tomorrow at all, let alone holding my tea cup without my hand shaking.

Philip was quite reluctant about letting me have him, so once he arranged a thing where I got to fuck a third party. At first Philip just watched, later he chimed in. When I got too familiar - according to his taste - with number three he sent him away.

I actually enjoyed making Philip jealous on purpose and did it whenever the opportunity presented itself.

It showed me that he somewhat cared about me.And the make-up sex was always so very satisfying.

Gotta stop now.

Need sleep.



I feel like we have more slutty Jimmy than we have slutty Thomas.

and in a lot of thommy fics I feel like it’s Jimmy being all like “whoo now that i’m gay i’m going to REALLY let loose tie me to a bed and wear a dress” and Thomas being like “*scandalized gasp* you naughty thing well of course i…

re: i was wondering when we can bring branson into the bedroom for a hate threesome 
Oh yes, please, someone write that. Totally wanna know how they’d go about getting Branson to chime in. Hnnngh. Write. Someone. Do. It.

- Carson did say I should’ve been horse whipped for kissing you in your sleep
Time to confess that I always found Carson mentioning that pretty HOT.

Anonymous asked:

How did you feel when Jimmy implied that the game of tug-o-war at the fair was too rough for you? (Were you determined to prove him wrong? Were you upset?...) Has he made any other comments like this, and if so, did they stop once you two became friends?

Yes - I was upset.

For a second or two.

Then I was overwhelmed by a quick succession of thoughts and images triggered by the word ‘rough’, that involved Jimmy and myself which made me so perky I had to dash to cool off.

I was quite thankful to blow off some steam during that tug-of-war.

I still don’t exactly know how he meant it. Too rough because the skin of my hands is so soft …?

Oh yea, he did dig at me before. But I don’t know, I never said anything even though I guess I should have. But I still felt guilty about the sleep-kiss thing. I’ve always had a hard time being cross with him for long.

Oh yes, he stopped once we became friends. Can’t remember one harsh word issuing from his lips ever since (aimed at me, that is).



Uh, do not post Duke of Crowborough with woman.

It makes me very confused.

lizzy384 hat gesagt: Come now, Thomas, even you were okay with the Duke marrying Mary. You know he needs his rich heiress. Doesn’t mean he can’t continue to play for your team on the side ;-)

You’re right. I penned this in a moment of weakness, despair and jealousy.

I’m human, sometimes, you know.

It is a nuisance which I try to avoid, but I do have slip-ups (apparently).