Part 19 of the Wanted series

[yeh, on the Bed, not in the Bed - yet]

Philip worships Thomas’s belly.
Thomas caresses Philip’s hair.

There are bites and nibbles,
tickles and tingles.

And quite a lot of words.

Philip sinks his teeth into Thomas’s skin to take another tender bite.

“Ow”, Thomas winces on a whim.

“You have the most exquisite belly in the world.”

“As if you knew all the bellies in the world”, Thomas chuckles.

"I know the best when I see it.”





I love that Becky will just send me links to historical slang terms for having sex and be like “FOR YOUR 1920S PORN.” Some people just get you. :’)

btw some faves from 1920-1929:

to have sexual intercourse/sexual intercourse: “belt one’s batter”, “shake that thing”, “bit…

Ahem. just have to point out that there is an opera called The Pearl Fishers, in which two brothers fall in love with the same woman. One of these terms puts a whole new spin on the whole idea :D

Yo, shake dat thing.

I’m confused by the kneel at the altar expression (even though I find it lovely, being subversive re: catholic church and all) for anal sex - I always thought it to be a synonym for fellatio.